What you need

To develop Fuffr apps, you need the following:

  • Basic knowledge of Objective-C and iOS development.
  • A Mac running a recent version of Xcode.
  • An iPhone 5/5C/5S running iOS 7 or higher. (You can also use iPhone 4S, but Fuffr is designed for the iPhone 5 form factor.)
  • The source code for the Fuffr library and the example apps (available on GitHub).
  • Fuffr hardware, claim your development kit at fuffr.com/#developers.

Please note that you cannot run Fuffr apps in the iOS Simulator since it lacks support for BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) needed to connect to Fuffr.

Get the source code and the example apps

You have two options:

  • Install Git and clone the Fuffr GitHub repository using the command:

    git clone git@github.com:fuffr/fuffr-ios.git

  • Download the code as a zip-file by clicking Download ZIP on GitHub.

Try the examples

The Fuffr source code includes the complete Xcode projects for the example apps. Just open the project you wish to run in Xcode and run the example on your device.

Fuffr Example Projects