The quickest way to get started is by exploring the example apps:

FuffrHello - This is a minimal example that shows how to control two circles using the left and right sensor arrays. This example uses a single touch interaction style for each side.

FuffrDots - A minimal example that illustrates how to access multi touch data. For each touch point, a circle is drawn.

FuffrMap - Example app that show how to navigate Apple maps with Fuffr. Use right side finger to pan (scroll) across the map, and the left side finger to zoom the map with up/down movements.

FuffrBox - This app is a Fuffr browser that enables you to write applications in JavaScript. The JavaScript part of the API, along with some examples, is found in the folder FuffrJS and pass touch events to an app written in HTML/JS. The file fuffr.js contains the JavaScript API for the Fuffr.